Inspired by the Life is A Dream: Brooklyn collaboration in July 2015, Danse Theatre Surreality (DTS) is a bi-national dance and theatre company producing feminist, surrealist performance art. Co-Artistic Directors Lauren Hlubny (New York) and Kyra Hauck (Paris) officially founded the company in 2016 with support from the dedicated LIAD: Paris cast.

LIAD: Paris, Photography by Sophia Orsini

DTS produces works on both continents, the first of which in the United States is sans, which premiered in Seattle this October. Through the vehicle of this women-centered company, we explore such themes as objective reality, the nature of time, and the unique, multi-faceted experiences of women as they move through the world.

Our productions bring together artists from around the globe and are interdisciplinary by nature. DTS is not confined to a single performance genre, rather we welcome and showcase all of our artists’ talents in our works.

We challenge the existence of barriers and limits of all kinds through the lens of performance art.