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Laura Fisher is a classically trained and contemporary-minded composer, vocalist, pianist, poet, and producer. She studied piano under celebrated Juilliard alumnus and Music Teacher’s National Association Master Teacher Meral Guneyman (1995-2003) and is a largely self-taught vocalist and composer. Her genres of influence and interest include rock, pop, electronica, jazz, noise, chamber, and experimental fusion. Fisher has competed, collaborated, and performed all over the United States — from house venues in Savannah and Athens, GA to caves off the coast of Portland, ME; from a bicycle shop in Denver to the forests of southern NJ; from the Birmingham Museum of Art in Alabama to Merkin Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City. Her current creative projects include Matron, a math rock/angular pop/post punk band; Tranche, a dreamscape grunge rock band; a dream pop band for solo compositions simply under her name at this time; and Danse Theatre Surreality. Fisher resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.