emboldening women & tgnc artists and promoting intersectional gender equity in the performing arts


Women+ in the Arts

A recent project of mine focused on the culinary industry had me thinking about the way the work of women and people of color has been systematically devalued. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of language –  the “folk art” and “crafts” of women and POC rather than “fine art” of white men, for example. Other times,…

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Making Art in a Self-Destructing Society

At one point or another, every generation seems to feel as though the world is ending. Mine is no exception. Most often, the feeling has to do with war. Sometimes it is a weakened or crashed economy. On a personal level, it can be heartbreak; injury or illness; the death of a loved one. The…

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Surrealism for the 21st Century

Here we are, a young dance and theatre company, creating experimental, feminist works. Breaking boundaries, trying to find the limits of expression, looking to make our mark on this generation. Why, then, Surrealism? Why use this philosophy, nearly a century later? Are we yet another example of the everything’s already been done argument in art?…

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