emboldening women & tgnc artists and promoting intersectional gender equity in the performing arts




Danse Theatre Surreality (DTS) is a bi-national dance and theatre company dedicated to promoting intersectional gender equity in the performing arts by creating interdisciplinary, innovative performances and providing programming with social and political initiatives. DTS works to cultivate performance and programming which emboldens women & tgnc artists of all colors and affirms the value of their diverse perspectives. With regular workshops and performances in the United States and France, DTS diligently drives the conversation on inclusive gender rights by seeking to generate change in the arts community and beyond. Given the egregious inequalities present in our global society, artists must work together to creatively forge a path towards a future which is more equal, more just, and more open.

Danse Theatre Surreality (DTS) est une compagnie binationale travaillant à Paris et à New York. Les directrices fondatrices, Kyra HAUCK et Lauren HLUBNY, s’engagent à créer des œuvres avec des objectifs politiques et sociaux, se servant de l’expression artistique pour faire un commentaire sur les enjeux actuels. Nos œuvres de danse et de théâtre s’articulent autour des thèmes surréalistes et féministes.