Thoughts & Prayers


Preview September 19 at 8pm

September 20, 21, 22, 26, 27, 28 at 8pm

September 29 at 3pm

TADA! Youth Theater, 15 W 28th St, New York, NY 

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“Thoughts & Prayers” explores America’s relationship with tragedy, catastrophe, and loss. Over the course of an hour, the work presents Dana and Felix, a fictitious couple, and their experience of Five Disasters through dramatic mixtures of music, movement, and images—a dance-theatre concerto. Six musicians (3 woodwinds, 3 strings) embody two distinct Greek Choruses: Congress and The Activists, giving full voice to the acrimonious clashes of present-day America. Each Act, or Disaster, is introduced through a virtuosic cadenza and dance solo, and followed by orchestrated structures of dialogue, physical partnering, and contrary staging. This collaboration between artists of completely different disciplines creates a complicated, disruptive, elegant, and dark world made cohesive by director Lauren Hlubny and her team of dedicated professionals.

Thoughts & Prayers, dance-theatre-concerto en 5 actes, aborde le lien entre le public américain et la tragédie.

New York IT Awards

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Cast & Crew

Director/Creator: Lauren Hlubny

Composer/Felix: Thomas Giles

Scenographer (Lighting Design and Scenic Drafting): Luther Frank

Set Imagery: Lauren Hlubny in conversation with Luther Frank

AD/Assistant Choreographer: Kyra Hauck

Costume Designer/Costumer: Taylor Barnett

Dialogue Author: Alexis Roblan

Project Manager: Sara Rotunda

Production Manager: Sarah George

Production Stage Manager: Lida Rubanava

Dana: Emma Factor

Understudy for Dana: Rebecca Van Dover

Strings: Manami Mizumoto, Sergio Muñoz, Charlotte Munn-Wood, Lena Vidulich

Saxes: Ivan Arteaga, Guy Dellecave, Josh Lang, Galo Morales

Copyist: John McCoy

Graphic Designer: Brett Love

Fight Storyboard Artist: Michael Weston

Technical Director: Andre Zachary

Production Associates: Bridg Haifley, Rebeccah Noyes